Meet Our New Staff Members!

We are pleased to welcome five new staff members to our team this year, who bring years of expertise and a commitment to creating inclusive communities. Please join us in welcoming:

Tim Annema

Tim Annema photoOnline Courses Instructor, Algebra and Geometry

I am excited to begin working at CLC Network as it combines many passions in my life. These include working with middle school students, the use of technology in education, mathematics, and the exploration and revelation of Christ’s redemptive work in creation.

Kristin Contant

Kristin Contant photoOnline Courses Instructor, 6th and 7th Grade Honors English

I am looking forward to sharing my love of literature, writing, and my faith with my students through teaching 7th grade honors English.

Elaine Kappers

Elaine Kappers photoTeacher Consultant serving Central Wisconsin Christian School (WI)

Looking at my role with CLC Network, I’m looking forward to working with the CLC Network team and learning from their knowledge and expertise. I also look forward to working at other schools and helping them with the challenges they face.

Jacki Sikkema

Jacki Sikkema photoChurch Services Consultant and Coordinator

As I delve into my work here at CLC Network, I look forward to equipping churches and communities with tools to better include those who have disabilities. I’m also excited to see how God works in these communities, displaying His love through each and every member as they grow in Him.

Linda Weemhoff

Linda WeemhoffTeacher Consultant serving Hull Christian (IA), Netherlands Reformed Christian (IA), Orange City Christian (IA), Rock Valley Christian (IA), and Western Christian (IA) schools

I am very thankful that God is opening a new door for me. God has uniquely created all of us and I am excited that He is giving me the opportunity to continue to work with students and teachers as we all discover more about how God has gifted each of us to work in His Kingdom.

Encourage these individuals as they begin their work by sharing a note of welcome in the comment section below!

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