About Us

CLC Network LogoCLC Network is a faith-based, non-profit based in Wyoming, MI. Our mission is to promote the development of people with a variety of abilities and disabilities to live as active, integrated members of their communities. We partner with families and organizations to understand more fully the individuals we serve and to build support systems that enable their inclusion in all aspects of life.  By the grace of God, we dedicate this organization to serving and enhancing the lives of others.

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Our school services include:

  • Comprehensive Site Study
  • Best-Practice Educational Consulting
  • Student Psychological Evaluations
  • Teacher Training and Professional Development
  • Continuing Education Book Study for Teachers (Michigan and Iowa)
  • Goals and Objectives Modified Curriculum Management Program
  • Online Courses for Middle School Students with Academic Talents
  • Books and DVDs on Disability and Inclusion
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Our church services include:

  • Church Leader Training
  • Adult Education Workshops
  • FREE Inclusion Training Materials (Learn more and apply here!)
  • Books and DVDs on Disability and Inclusion

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Our services for families include:


Contact us for more information about how we can be of service to your school, church or family.